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Why It’s Time to Get a Window Replacement

window replacement

Do you get a lot of outside noise, even from inside your home? Are you always struggling to maintain a consistent temperature between rooms? Have you been noticing a lot more moisture than usual, especially on your furniture and walls? These are all serious warning signs that you might need a window replacement. Unfortunately, many homeowners put off getting new windows until their problems get worse, leading to expensive repair bills and dire safety risks in the end. Here’s why you shouldn’t do that and why it pays off to get a window replacement instead.

Why Should I Get a Window Replacement?

Increase Your Home’s Security & Safety

With a high-quality, brand-new window replacement, you can experience increased home security and safety. Modern windows include better security features such as newer locks and sensors and even shatterproof glass options. Additionally, well-functioning windows are crucial to safety in emergency situations. For example, you need windows that can easily open in the event of a fire should you need an alternative escape route.

Experience More Comfort

A new window replacement can help maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home no matter what time of the year it is. Furthermore, new and properly-sealed windows can help you keep contaminants and allergens from entering your living space, keeping air quality inside your home at its best.

Save on Energy Costs

By getting new energy-efficient and well-insulated windows, you can hope to save more money on your electric bill each month. Low-E coatings on windows, for instance, help to minimize the impact of UV light from the sun and reflect back as much heat as possible instead of absorbing it into the home. With updated window replacement solutions such as this, you can help reduce heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

Reduce Noise

There are many window replacement solutions available to help soundproof your home against outside noise, especially if you live in a particularly loud neighborhood or on a busy street. For example, you can install acoustic-grade window inserts to double up the functionality of your windows as a sound barrier. You can also opt to install double-pane or triple-pane windows to make the most of your windows’ soundproofing capabilities.

Add to Your Home’s Value

Consider a full window replacement for your home if you would like to increase its value before you sell it one day. According to Credit Karma, replacing vinyl windows can add an average of $13,822 to your home’s value, while replacing old wood windows can similarly add $16,160. If your current windows are old, damaged, drafty, or uninsulated, it is highly advisable to get them replaced not only to increase your home’s resale value but to keep you and all your home’s inhabitants safe while you’re living in it.

How Do I Know If I Should Replace My Windows?

If you’re not entirely sure about the condition of your home’s windows, here are a few unmistakable signs that it’s time for a window replacement:

Your Windows Are Difficult to Operate or Don’t Work at All

When you’re unable to easily open or close your windows, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s also a health and safety hazard. As previously mentioned, your windows take on the role of additional exits in the event of a break-in or serious emergencies like fires, explosions, or severe storms, to name a few. When your windows are completely unusable, they can put you and your family at risk.

Drafty Windows

If you’re constantly feeling drafts in your home, especially near your windows, it may be time for a window replacement. Drafty windows can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • Problems with the window seals or weatherstripping
  • Improper window installation
  • Aging or outdated windows
  • Gaps around the windows
  • Damage to your window frames
  • Incorrect window type for your climate

Damaged Seals Around Your Windows

As mentioned, damaged window seals not only produce drafty windows but also decrease your home’s energy efficiency. What’s more, improper or damaged insulation or weatherproofing can allow moisture into your home. This makes your home more susceptible to damage during severe weather conditions and helps to create an ideal breeding environment for mold and other contaminants or bacteria that could put your health at risk.

Your Windows Are Old

Windows that are older than 15 to 20 years old should be replaced. Outdated windows lose their weatherproofing and insulative properties over time, inviting a slew of other consequences to your home, as mentioned previously. Many years ago, the standard for home windows was single-pane windows, which explains their popularity among many old homes. There are quite many different window options available now, such as double-hung windows, storm windows, casement windows, sliding windows, modern awning windows, and more.

Visible Damage

Any noticeable cracks or damage to your window panes, window frames, latches, locks, or other components of your windows should never be ignored. If severe damage has compromised the structural integrity of your windows, a full window replacement may be necessary. However, window repairs are possible for minor issues, granted that they are detected and addressed right away.

What Time of Year Should I Get a Window Replacement?

A window replacement in Chesterfield, MO, is typically considered by homeowners as a warm weather project, but there are instances that call for it regardless of the time of year. Ideally, however, window replacements should be done during the spring or summer. In some cases, cooler months in the fall and reasonable winter temperatures may still allow you to get a window replacement, all while taking advantage of any seasonal offers or discounts that may be available.

Should I Replace All Windows at Once?

When your budget allows for it, it is professionally recommended that you replace all your windows at the same time. Doing so could help you save time and resources on planning, completing paperwork, and scheduling inspections and services. Getting a full window replacement for your entire home also ensures a consistent installation all throughout and help you keep track of your windows’ warranty periods. Furthermore, the cost of replacing your windows in bulk is also typically less expensive than spreading out window replacements over time.

Expert Window Replacement in Chesterfield, MO

Since 1997, DeG Contracting has provided expert window replacement services in Chesterfield, MO. As a veteran and family-owned and operated roofing, siding, and window company, we take pride in providing exceptional services at fair prices. 
In the event that you need a window replacement due to damage, we can help you deal with your insurance provider to ensure you get the compensation and repairs you deserve. We also offer window financing options for qualified customers. Contact us today at (636) 928-7663 to get a free estimate on your next window replacement project.


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