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Roof Maintenance in St. Louis, MO

When it comes to saving money on roof repairs, you should turn to annual roof maintenance. Taking care of your roof will pay you back for years, ensuring that your roof lasts as long as possible without ever needing major fixes.

At DeG Contracting, we provide comprehensive roof maintenance services that will protect your home and help you avoid expensive repairs later. Our professional team of licensed, certified, and insured roofers will provide any maintenance your roof needs to stay in great shape.

Even a well-maintained roof will need some general repairs as it ages. Storms can leave punctures, loosen shingles, or clog gutters. These are all normal roof problems that can easily be remedied during an annual roof inspection and maintenance service.

And if you’ve recently had a new roof installed, the number-one way to keep it pristine is to ensure you have an expert regularly service it.

When to Schedule Roof Maintenance?

We recommend having a professional inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs at least once a year and after any major weather events. If you’re wondering how to keep your roof lasting as long as possible, annual maintenance is the answer.

When you have a professional inspect and repair your roof on a yearly basis, you can avoid the more serious types of damage that occur over time. What many homeowners don’t realize is that glaring roof problems are often preventable. During an inspection, a certified roofing contractor can identify warning signs and early signs of trouble, fix them, and prevent any future damage from affecting your home.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a roof inspection, then it’s time to give us a call. Have a specific question about the cost of a repair? Request a free estimate.

Roof Maintenance Services Checklist

When we come out for a maintenance service, we inspect your roof for any visible signs of damage or wear and tear. We’ll go a step further if we notice a leak or any potential signs of water damage.

From there, we move through a systematic process that covers all the roof maintenance basics, such as:

  • Cleaning the Cutters

    Cleaning your gutters is a part of good roof care. It ensures that there isn’t excessive weight pulling on the roof or running under the shingles and causing overflow. You may also experience damage to your roof’s fascia or soffits if you don’t have your gutters cleaned.

    We ensure that your gutters are always clean and have a free flow of water while ensuring they’re securely attached to your home.

  • Remove Leaves

    While they may look lovely in the fall, leaves piled up on your roof can eventually cause problems by increasing the moisture levels on your roof. Since they retain more water, the leaves also cause your shingles to stay wet for longer than they’re meant to. Removing them through seasonal roof care will ensure that your home doesn’t experience a leak.

  • Cut Away Close Tree Branches

    If you have trees growing near your home, it’s important to cut back their branches so they don’t rub against your roof. During stormy or windy weather, branches that are too close can either break off or tear your roof, lifting granules from the shingles’ surface or knocking down gutters.

  • Inspect the Flashing

    Roof flashing protects your chimney, walls, and other important areas, like skylights, from water damage. They’re placed by roofers at intentional points to ensure that water is directed to shingles, where it can freely run off into your gutters rather than entering the roof deck. If the flashing becomes loose or damaged, your home is vulnerable. We’ll closely inspect your entire roof to make sure its flashing is properly installed and secure.

  • Check the Soil Stack

    When you turn on the ventilation in your bathroom, the air is transferred through your roof’s soil stack. Typically, a pipe runs underneath your home and exits through the roof. Some of these soil stacks are protected with a rubber gasket that can eventually fall apart. Part of good roof maintenance is ensuring the soil stack gasket is in good condition and replacing it as needed.

Common Roof Repairs During Maintenance

A common misconception about roofing maintenance is that it will prevent all repairs. Although prevention is a benefit of regular maintenance, routine repairs are also to be expected. By hiring a professional to make common roof repairs, you can avoid more catastrophic damage and expensive repairs later on.

Some of the repairs we often make are:

These are a few examples of how we can keep your roof in great condition year-round. We suggest calling in a professional for maintenance after a snowstorm or even during a snowy season to ensure that your roof is equipped to handle the weight and water of the ice. 

Why Choose DeG Contracting?

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BBB Accredited Business

Professional Service From Experienced Experts

Our team has combined decades of experience repairing roofs throughout St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. We always deliver the level of customer service we would want from a contractor. You can expect clear answers, transparent pricing, and easy solutions for even your most complicated roofing problems.

Free Estimates

It shouldn’t be a guessing game to figure out how much roofing maintenance will cost. Our team can provide you with a free estimate before we inspect your roof based on pictures or a description of the problem. Then, after an inspection, we’ll give you a detailed quote with a breakdown of costs.

BBB Accreditation and GAF Certification

We hold several of the roofing industry’s best certifications and recognitions. As GAF-certified contractors, we are considered experts in our field. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects our commitment to quality work and customer service.

50-Year Warranty on Roofing Services and Materials

Our craftsmanship is backed by a 50-year labor and material warranty, giving you total peace of mind when choosing our services.

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