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DeG Contracting is the premier provider of picture window replacement services in St. Louis, MO! We cater to residents and businesses looking to enhance their property with beautiful, energy-efficient windows that stand the test of time.

Picture windows are popular for those wanting to bring in natural light and have an unobstructed view of the outdoors. However, like any other window, they can become damaged or outdated over time and require replacement. At DeG Contracting, we understand the importance of having quality picture windows that add aesthetic value and provide functionality and energy efficiency.

Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring the seamless replacement of your picture windows, using only the highest quality materials that guarantee durability and performance. Whether you’re looking to update a single window or undertake a complete home renovation, DeG Contracting is equipped to handle projects of any size with precision and care.

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How to Determine if Your Picture Window Requires Replacement

With their expansive glass, picture windows offer stunning views and let in a lot of natural light, but like all windows, they can deteriorate or become less efficient over time. Here are key indicators that your picture window may require replacement:

Visible Damage

Inspect your window for any visible signs of damage. Cracks or breaks in the glass not only reduce the aesthetic appeal but can also compromise the window’s integrity and safety. Look for warping or rot in wooden window frames or corrosion in metal frames, which can prevent the window from functioning properly.


Feel around the edges of your window for drafts. If you can feel air coming through, your window is no longer sealing correctly. This may have significant effects on your home’s energy efficiency by requiring heating and cooling systems to work harder, resulting in increased energy costs.

Condensation Between Panes

If you have double or triple-paned windows and notice condensation or fogging between the panes, it’s a sign that the seals have failed. This failure allows moisture to enter the space between the panes, reducing the window’s insulating properties and, consequently, its energy efficiency.

Difficulty Opening the Window

Windows that are hard to open or close or that won’t stay open or shut properly might need replacement. Difficulty opening the window can be due to balance issues, warped frames, or other mechanical problems.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed an increase in your heating or cooling costs without a corresponding change in utility rates or usage, it could be due to inefficient windows. Older single-pane windows, in particular, are poor insulators compared to modern, energy-efficient models.

Fading Furnishings

Excessive ultraviolet (UV) light entering through your window can cause furniture, carpets, and artwork to fade. Modern windows often have low-emissivity (low-E) coatings that reduce UV transmission, protecting your interiors and improving energy efficiency. If you notice significant fading of your interior furnishings, it might be time for an upgrade.

Soundproofing Issues

Older windows tend to be less effective at blocking outside noise. If exterior sounds seem louder than usual, replacing your picture window with a model featuring thicker glass or improved sealing can enhance your home’s soundproofing.

Frame Your World Perfectly

We offer a diverse range of frame and glass options designed to meet any space’s unique aesthetics and insulation needs. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive selection of window frame materials, including durable vinyl, sleek fiberglass, and classic wood. Each material offers distinct advantages, from vinyl’s low maintenance and excellent thermal resistance to fiberglass’s strength and versatility and wood’s timeless beauty and natural insulation properties.

To complement these frame options, we offer high-performance glass selections engineered for superior energy efficiency to complement these frame options. Our advanced glass technologies include options for double or triple-glazing and low-E coatings. This combination of frame materials and glass technologies ensures that our windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space and contribute to a more comfortable, energy-efficient home environment. By choosing our picture window replacement services in St. Louis, MO, homeowners and businesses can enjoy the perfect blend of form and function tailored to meet their specific aesthetics and insulation needs.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Picture Window Replacement?

The cost of replacing your picture window can vary based on multiple elements, including:

  • Size of the Window: Larger windows require more materials and labor.
  • Frame Material: Each material comes with different price points and benefits.
  • Glass Specifications: Upgrades like double or triple-pane glass can affect pricing.
  • Installation Complexity: The details of your project may require specific equipment or additional time.

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