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DeG Contracting is your trusted choice for high-quality vinyl siding replacement services in St. Louis, MO. We take pride in providing businesses and residences with high-quality, long-lasting siding solutions that enhance the appearance and value of their property.

What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a versatile and resilient material used for the exterior of homes and businesses to protect against the elements and improve curb appeal. Designed for longevity, it withstands harsh weather, resists fading, and maintains its beauty over time.

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Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding replacement provides several advantages that make it an appealing alternative for exteriors. Here are some of the key advantages:


Vinyl siding is known for its resilience against elements that typically wear down other materials. It’s resistant to heat, cold, moisture, and fading from sunlight, ensuring it maintains its appearance over time without warping, rotting, or corroding.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl siding requires minimal upkeep to maintain its look and integrity. Cleaning it with mild soap and water is usually enough to keep it looking new, saving homeowners time and money on maintenance.


Compared to other siding materials, vinyl siding is more affordable in terms of initial installation and long-term maintenance costs. This makes it an economical choice for many without compromising on aesthetics or durability.

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Energy Efficiency

Many vinyl siding options come with insulated versions that can help improve a home’s energy efficiency. This insulation layer can help maintain the internal temperature of the building, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs.


Vinyl siding is available in various colors and textures, allowing you to select the right look to complement your home’s style and architectural design.


With proper installation and minimal maintenance, vinyl siding can last from 20 to 40 years, making it a long-term investment for homeowners. Its color retention properties also mean that it will look as good as new for many years without the need for repainting.

Improved Home Value

By enhancing the exterior appearance and reducing future maintenance needs, vinyl siding can increase a home’s curb appeal and potentially its resale value. This makes it an excellent investment for those looking to sell their home in the future.

Overall, vinyl siding offers a balanced combination of aesthetic appeal, durability, cost efficiency, and low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses looking to upgrade their exterior.

Colors and Styles Tailored for You

Vinyl siding is celebrated for its vast array of colors and styles, catering to virtually any design preference or architectural requirement. This versatility allows homeowners and builders to achieve the perfect look for any property. Here’s an overview of the options available:


Vinyl siding colors span a wide spectrum, from classic whites and creams to bold blues, greens, and reds. Earth tones such as beige, gray, brown, and taupe are popular for their ability to blend with natural surroundings and timeless appeal. Advances in color technology mean that modern vinyl siding also offers rich, vibrant hues that resist fading over time due to exposure to the sun.


  • Traditional Lap: Also known as clapboard, this is the most common style, where long, horizontal panels overlap each other. It’s a timeless design that replicates wood siding and complements a variety of architectural styles.
  • Dutch Lap: Dutch lap siding is similar to traditional lap siding, but it has a decorative groove on top of each panel that makes shadow lines, making it appear deeper and more unique.
  • Board and Batten: Features alternating wide boards and narrow battens, creating a pattern of vertical lines. This style is often associated with rustic or cottage-style homes but can also add a modern flair to contemporary designs.
  • Scalloped: Scalloped siding offers a decorative edge shaped like half-circles, commonly used as accents under eaves or roofs to add charm and character to the home’s exterior.

The breadth of vinyl siding colors and styles available means that it can complement any home design, from historical renovations that require a traditional look to modern constructions that benefit from sleek, contemporary lines. With the added advantages of durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, vinyl siding remains a top choice for exterior cladding.

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