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Top Ten Signs of Siding Problems That Need to Be Addressed


Siding provides a barrier of protection for your home from the elements. When it becomes damaged, it can quickly grow into a significant problem that is extremely costly to address. This makes it imperative that you are able to detect any possible signs of damage so that you can remedy the issues before they escalate into larger problems. 

Top Ten Signs of Siding Problems 

There are several signs of siding problems that you need to look out for. Performing a routine inspection can help you detect issues early on so that you can have them addressed. Here are some of the most common signs of issues.

1. Your Siding Is Deteriorating and Aging

There are several ways that a home can show signs of aging. The type of siding that you have will play a vital role in the type of signs that you may see. If you have wood siding, you may notice warping or rotting. Vinyl siding is most likely to show signs of solar wear, including significant fading. Homes that have masonite-type composite siding may crack near the edges or even deteriorate.

2. You Notice Rusty or Missing Nails

If your siding appears exposed or rusty in some places, or you notice nails sticking out, it could indicate that the siding on your home is expanding and contracting. Rusty nails on the side of your home can indicate that you may have moisture damage that is causing the development of streaks down your siding. If nails are missing, it could indicate that your siding may be lifting up. It is important to hire a siding contractor right away to address this problem and make sure the siding is properly secured so that it does not fly off during the next windstorm. 

3. Problems With Seams and Caulking

The seams and joints of the siding play a vital role in keeping everything in place. It also helps to keep water out and away from your home. If you notice any cracks in the caulking at the seams or crooked joints, it could indicate that there is a failure somewhere along the side of your home that needs to be addressed. 

4. The Siding Boards Are Too Tight

If the siding boards on your home are too tight, you may hear bumping, creaking, rattling, or even popping. This could indicate that there is movement or expansion occurring. These noises tend to be more obvious as the seasons change; however, you are more likely to hear knocking and other noises during windy weather. To remedy this problem, you will need to have a professional remove the siding and reapply it in the correct manner.

5. The Color Is Fading or Paint Is Chipping

The paint on your home only lasts for a specific amount of time. When it is exposed to extreme sun and harsh weather conditions, it can impact the amount of time that it will continue to look bright and vibrant. Over time, you will need to repaint your siding and put effort into maintaining it. Typically, good quality paint will last around two years when applied on a wooden exterior. If you notice that there are faded areas and missing patches of paint, it can indicate that you have a larger problem. Unfortunately, peeling paint will leave your wood siding exposed, making it vulnerable to water damage and moisture. This is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly to prevent further damage from occurring.

6. There Are Pests Infesting Your Siding

Termites are one of the most common reasons cited for siding replacement projects. When there are termites eating away the wood that is protecting your home, it can have a significant impact on its ability to protect the structure from rain and other weather. If caught early, you can have a pest control company come to your home and spray. However, signs of extensive damage need to be addressed by a siding professional.

7. You Notice Mold or Rot 

Rotting and mold on your siding are a strong indication that there is humidity penetrating through the surface. There are instances where you may not specifically see the mold or rotting of the wood, but instead, you smell it. This type of problem needs to be addressed quickly to ensure the mold and rot do not extend to the interior of your home and place your health at risk. 

8. There Are Obvious Water Stains

If there is a hole in your siding, it can lead to subtle water spills on your home’s interior. You may see water stains and discoloration on your walls or around the ceiling. You may even notice water stains on the exterior of your home. This type of problem can worsen and lead to mold growth and wall bubbling later on. For this reason, it is important to address the issue early on.

9. There Is Damage to the Materials

Outside elements, broken branches, or even a stray baseball have the potential to cause severe damage to your siding. If you notice any physical damage, you should address it as soon as possible. Leaving this type of problem unchecked can result in more significant issues down the line. Some signs to look out for include holes, chipping, cracking, or even punctures.  

10. You Have Higher Than Usual Utility Bills

If there is a problem with the siding on your home, you may notice it in your utility bills. A sudden spike in costs for heating and cooling could indicate that cool or warm air is penetrating your walls and entering your home. Older siding typically lacks energy efficiency. However, there are now more modern options available that can help reduce your energy costs all year long.

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