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Roof Replacement: How to Prepare Your Home

roof replacement

Your roof handles a lot over the years. No matter how strong its materials are, every roof will need replacing at some point. Once you come to the conclusion that you need a roof replacement and find the right roofing contracting company for the job, it’s only a matter of preparing for the big day.

Before your roof replacement, it’s important to prepare both the inside and the outside of your home as well as everyone that lives in it for a smoother process.

Here is everything you need to know to prepare your home for roof replacement.

Preparing the Inside of Your House for Roof Replacement

It might sound strange to have to prepare the inside of your home for a roof replacement but it’s the best way to protect your possessions and prevent any messes. Along with the noise, replacing a roof causes the walls to vibrate, which can lead to a lot of headaches if you’re not ready. 

Check all of these things off your to-do list before your roof replacement starts.

Take Decorations off the Walls

Remove anything that’s hanging on the wall on a nail or hook. The vibrations from installing roofing come from the hammering and they are very capable of shaking your decor right into the floor.

This is especially true for the top floor as it will move more. Anything breakable or valuable should be taken down and stored somewhere safe until the job is done.

Protect Anything in Your Attic

Your attic will take the brunt of the dust and debris during your roof replacement. If you keep things stored in your attic, make sure to cover them up with a tarp or drop sheet to protect them. You may want to move anything valuable or fragile out of the attic entirely until the work is done.

Even if you don’t have anything in your attic, it’s a smart idea to cover the floors or easier clean up later.

Protect Anything in Your Garage 

Your roof extends to your garage, which means that portion will need to be replaced as well. The same practice for your attic applies to your garage. Keep everything covered up to ensure nothing gets damaged or dirty.

Cover Your Windows

The debris from your old roof being torn off can do a number on your windows, leaving scratches or other damage. Secure your windows by covering them with wooden boards to ensure their protection during your roof replacement. 

At the very least, windows should be covered until your old roof is completely torn off.

Secure Any Breakable Items

Look around your home for all of the things you consider valuable that have a risk of breaking. This includes things that are sitting on shelves or up against the wall in china cabinets. The vibrations from the roof replacement can cause things to fall and shatter if they are not properly secured.

Preparing the Outside of Your House for Roof Replacement

Once you finish with the inside of your house, it’s time to move to the outside. This is where all the work takes place so it’s even more crucial to make sure you have everything ready outside. With so many people walking around and debris from the old roof falling, it only makes sense.

Here are the things you need to prepare for your roof replacement.

Relocate Your Cars

The night before your roof replacement, park your cars on the street a good distance away from your house. This is a good practice for two reasons.

First, your roofing team will need access to your driveway for their own vehicles, which need to be close to your home. If you don’t move your cars, you risk being blocked in and it’s not an easy task to move everything around to let you out.

Second, there are pieces of old roofing being dropped off the house at any given time. By moving your vehicles, you don’t have to worry about anything scratching or damaging your car during your roof replacement. 

Clear Out Your Yard 

Roofers will be walking all the way around your house so it’s important to get anything unnecessary out of their way while they work. This also prevents your stuff from getting dirty and damaged in the process.

Clean up any toys lying around, remove your bird feeders, pack away your garden gnomes, and store anything that can be moved out of the way.

Move Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is large and cumbersome. It might be tempting to simply cover it up to stop any dust or debris from falling on it, but it’s best to move it out of the way completely. There should be at least 15 feet of clearance around your home to allow roofers to do their job.

Prune Your Trees and Mow Your Lawn

Pruning tree branches that hang near and around your roof will allow roofers easy access in order to replace your roof. Cutting the grass is another best practice that aids with cleanup when all is said and done. It’s much easier to find nails and shingle pieces in short grass than on an overgrown lawn.

Cover Your Pool

If you have a pool on your property, make sure it’s covered up before your roof replacement. Whether it’s a pool cover or a tarp, put something in place to keep dust and debris out of the water.

Check Your Electrical Outlets

It’s very likely that your roofers will need access to an electrical outlet during your roof replacement. Take the time to check your exterior power outlets to make sure they work. In the event that you don’t have any external outlets, or they don’t work, your roofers will need to use an indoor outlet through a window.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Even if they’re not part of your property, it’s nice to let your neighbors know when your roof replacement will be taking place. This allows them to prepare as well if their home is very close to yours. They will also be aware of the noise and can make their own arrangements as needed.

Preparing the Residents of Your Home for Roof Replacement

Along with your home, there are other people and pets to think about. Before your roof replacement happens, prepare anyone else living in the house ready in whatever way you deem necessary.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to prepare everyone.

Get Your Kids Ready

Depending on how old your kids are, it may be best to get them out of the house entirely during your roof replacement. If they are old enough to understand, talk to your children about what areas are off limits, being aware of falling debris when outside of the house, and always wearing shoes.

Even if they are old enough to understand, roof replacement can be overwhelming and distracting, so it might be in their best interest to stay with family or friends.

Consider Your Furry Friends

The best thing you can do for your pets during a roof replacement is to board them somewhere else. Dogs, cats, and even smaller pets can be easily upset by so much noise and so many unfamiliar people. They will be much happier staying with someone else while roofing work is in progress.

At the very least, animals should always be kept inside and made to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Trust DeG Contracting With Your Roof Replacement

Diving into a full roof replacement is a big decision and requires plenty of preparation. The one thing you should never have to worry about is whether or not you’re getting the best service possible. 
Whether you’re looking for a roof inspection or you already know your roof needs replacing, DeG Contracting is the team to trust. Contact us to get started on your next roofing project today.


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