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How to Protect Your Roof This Winter


The St. Louis area might not get as much snow as cities further north, but it does experience snowfall and dipping temperatures every winter. Many homeowners may not realize that winter weather poses unique threats to your home, particularly when it comes to the roof. This makes it vital for you to be ready for the winter by ensuring your roof is in top condition as temperatures start to fall. Throughout the cold months, you will also need to watch for signs that snow, ice, or winds have damaged your roof. Here is what you need to know.

What Dangers Does Winter Weather Pose To Your Roof? 

The winter weather brings with it an array of temperature changes, heavy snow, ice storms, high winds, and other damaging weather conditions. Recognizing how the weather can impact your roof can help you better prepare your roof for the winter season. 


Snow can become shockingly heavy as it accumulates — and the last place you want that to happen is your roof. When snow piles up, it can weigh as much as 30 pounds per cubic foot. Although it is not too common for roofs to entirely cave in under snow, that does not mean structural damage does not occur. Worse, it might not be outwardly visible. Getting an inspection from a licensed contractor can help you pinpoint weak spots that could potentially fail and cause problems for you this winter. 

Another problem that snow poses is causing water damage once it melts. Snow tends to sit on your roof for weeks or even months. Changes in the outdoor temperature can cause the snow to melt over time. If your roof is not structurally sound, water can seep into cracks or gaps, causing internal water damage. This leads to problems such as wood rot, mold, mildew, and more. 


The sight of icicles hanging off a roof can look picturesque. But this ice can pose a severe problem for your roof, especially as it melts. Melting ice flows into gutters, often clogging them with debris or refreezing in the gutters themselves, blocking them. What’s more, many people do not realize that breaking icicles off can cause damage to roof tiles and other parts. 

Another potential issue is an ice dam. This happens when ice gathers along the edge of your roof, creating a “ledge” that keeps water from being able to flow off naturally. Accumulated water on your roof increases the likelihood of water damage. Additionally, the added weight from icicles can pull on your gutters, which could result in them detaching from your home and causing significant damage.


Winter storms often bring significant wind, which can cause damage to the roof of your home. High winds can pick up during winter storms. These pose more than one danger to your roof. Fierce winds may loosen shingles or rip them off entirely, leaving your underlayment and roof structure vulnerable to water penetration. Unfortunately, this drastically increases the risk of structural damage and places your family at risk of being harmed. 

Additionally, winds can cause damage by blowing other items, such as tree branches, onto your roof. This can break shingles or knock holes in the structure. Having debris accumulating on your roof is never good, as it can lead to other kinds of damage. 

How to Protect Your Roof

One of the best ways you can avoid damage from winter weather is by practicing essential roof maintenance. Here are some things that you can do to protect your roof from serious damage this winter.

Cleaning Gutters

Before the colder temperatures set in, make sure to clean your gutters thoroughly. Remove any branches, dirt, or debris that has accumulated, and ensure that the gutters are functioning correctly. This simple task is one of the most important ones for keeping your roof safe through the winter. Another gutter cleaning at the beginning of spring can ensure they are ready to serve your home during summer. 

Check Your Attic

If your home has an attic, give it a check before winter starts. As you may know, the attic in your home plays a vital role in regulating the temperature inside. For this reason, you must ensure it is adequately ventilated and insulated. Poor ventilation and insulation can each lead to severe problems with your roof, especially if water seeps inside. Locate any drafts and tend to any cracks or holes in your roof to ensure it remains dry.

Trim Nearby Trees

If you have trees on your property, giving them a trim in the autumn is a good idea. This will reduce the risk of branches getting blown toward your house in the event of a storm. Not to mention that it will keep your yard cleaner and safer, too.

Remove Debris From the Roof

Make sure your entire roof is clean and clear. That means there is no accumulation of debris,  such as branches or leaves. These can weaken your roof, resulting in water damage as it continues to sit on the roof for months. 

Do a Visual Inspection

Before winter arrives, do a thorough visual check inside and out. Make sure there is no visible damage to your roof, such as cracks, holes, or missing shingles. It’s also important to look inside your attic to check for leaks or holes. 

During The Winter

After you have winterized your roof, you should still be vigilant as snow starts to fall. Keep an eye on your home to make sure your gutters are clear, and there is no visible damage. In particular, monitor for ice dams so that they don’t cause water to pool on your roof. If there are signs of damage, it is essential to hire a professional roofer as soon as possible to avoid more serious, long-term problems. Ignoring a repair not only leads to needing more expensive, disruptive repairs but can also put your home and family at risk. 

Let Our Team Help

Preparing your roof for the cold winter months does not have to be a hassle. Instead, you can let our professionals take this task off your hands and ensure you are protected moving ahead. At DeG Contracting, we are committed to providing our clients in Chesterfield, MO, with quality services they can trust. With decades of experience serving homeowners in the St. Louis area, you can depend on our team to help ensure your home is protected. Get started today by reaching out to our team at 636-928-7663 to schedule an inspection or get an estimate for repair.


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