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When Do I Need an Emergency Roof Repair? 

Roof repair

If you have found yourself looking up at a dripping ceiling, you may wonder if you need an emergency roof repair. The truth is that no homeowner wants to risk suffering additional damage to their home by leaving a damaged roof go unchecked. Unfortunately, getting an emergency roof repair can be incredibly stressful. 

If you are dealing with a damaged roof, it is important that you take various factors into consideration to determine if the damage to your roof warrants an emergency fix.

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

If your attic or your home’s interiors are exposed to outdoor elements as a result of a roof problem, you are most likely dealing with an emergency situation. This is particularly true if the physical damage or the water damage is structural in nature or could result in structural damage in the near future.

There are several types of roof leaks and damage that are considered emergency situations that require to be addressed immediately.

You Have Pests or Animals in Your Roof

Although minor roof infestations of birds, mammals, and bugs may not warrant an emergency repair, there are instances where severe infestations can cause large holes in your roof that require an immediate roof repair.  If the infestation has caused significant damage to the shingles of your roof or other layers, you may want to have the roof repaired immediately. This is especially true if you have a major storm coming your way.

Your Roof Has Been Neglected

If your roof has been neglected or not maintained or inspected on a yearly basis, it can develop serious leaks that cause significant vulnerabilities on your roof. If your roof has been subject to neglect, there is a possibility that you may need an emergency roof repair. Scheduling and inspection can help to determine if there is any damage and what is the extent.

There Is Fire Damage to Your Roof

Even though asphalt shingles and other types of roof materials have the potential to be damaged by exposure to extreme heat and flames from fires. After a fire, it is important that you have a roof inspection to determine if you need an emergency roof repair. You will want the underlayment, shingles, roof trusses, or decking inspected to determine if they were exposed to fire and the extent of the damage.

There Is Tree Damage to Your Roof

If there are any fallen trees around your property, there is a significant risk that your roof may have been damaged as a result. This type of roof damage could warrant an emergency repair, especially if it damages the structural integrity of the roof or your home.

Your Roof Was Exposed to High Winds

Extreme winds can have a significant impact on your roof. In some cases, it can rip off entire layers of your roof or shingles. This can leave the underlayment exposed, causing severe damage. If you notice any missing shingles or damaged shingles on your roof after exposure to high winds, you may need an emergency roof repair.

Your Roof Was Struck by Lightning

If your roof is struck by lightning, it can result in significant damage to the structure of the roof, leaving your home susceptible to further storm damage activity and even water damage. It is important that you have your roof inspected to determine if you need an emergency roof repair.

Harsh Weather Conditions Impacted Your Roof

If a tornado, hurricane, or in other major storm passes through your area, it is important to look for any roof damage. There is a significant chance that your roof may have lost shingles or suffered some type of damage that could result in leaking.

You Experienced a Structural Collapse

If there is a chance that your roof may be at risk of collapse, it is important to recognize that this is truly an emergency situation that requires a roof repair. Long-term and severe condensation, significant water damage, damage from a tree, and other harsh conditions can have a severe impact on your roof and result in it collapsing.

There Are Ice Dams

If your roof is exposed to major ice dams, it can result in significant damage that could lead to severe leaks. It is important that you schedule a roof repair as soon as possible, as this can be considered an emergency situation.

You See Mold Growing

If you notice that there is mold growing on your attic or on your roof, there is a chance that you will need to have a roof repair performed as soon as possible. Mold growth inside your attic can indicate that there is a lack of ventilation. This can result in condensation, which can cause severe weakening of your roof.

You Have Extremely Clogged the Gutters

If gutters do not function as they are intended to, it can result in water flowing onto your roof and causing it to pool. This can result in severe leaks and damage to your roof, which needs to be addressed immediately.

Steps You Should Take if You Need an Emergency Roof Repair

If there is damage to your roof that requires immediate attention, there are several steps that you should take. These include:

  • Assess the danger of your roof and whether or not it is safe for your family to remain in the home.
  • Never attempt to repair the roof on your own. DII emergency roof repairs can impact your insurance coverage and can be dangerous.
  • Limit the amount of damage inside if possible. Use buckets to collect water and use a dehumidifier to pull out any excess moisture.
  • Reach out to a professional to get help.

Let DeG Contracting Help

Noticing severe damage to your roof can be overwhelming. However, it does not mean that it has to be costly and time-consuming to repair. By reaching out to our team at DeG Contracting, we can come out to your home and determine the extent of the damage. We will determine how much it will cost for the repairs and provide you with a free estimate. Contact our team now to get started.


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